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Wallet Buying Guide

Bi-Fold Wallets


A bi-fold is a wallet that folds over once - usually in half. Typically, bi-fold wallets have room for cash as well as a few credit cards and are a favorite amongst men. Some have pockets or areas for coins. Bi-fold wallets tend to be a little less bulky than other types of wallets and fit nicely in back and front pockets. Find a greater selection of men's bi-fold wallets here or browse by popular brands like Derek AlexanderFossil, and Mancini Leather Goods.

Tri-Fold Wallets


A tri-fold is a wallet that folds over twice (so you have three folds). Trifold wallets have even more room than bi-folds for money, cards, photos, and sometimes even checkbooks. Tri-fold wallets are usually more bulky than bi-folds, but they are perfect for people who have multiple cards for memberships, gyms and VIP rewards! Some brand favorite brands amongst trifold wallets are: Kenneth Cole ReactionLoungefly and Piel.

Breast Pocket Wallets


These are longer, often thinner wallets that are designed to fit in the inside pocket of a dress coat or overcoat. Sometimes these are called billfolds. In a coat wallet, the wallet folds the long way so that the cash in the money pocket lies flat (and doesn't fold). These rarely have any room or pockets for coins. Browse our entire selection of Breast Pocket Wallets here!

Credit Card Wallets


Just like the name suggests, these are wallets that hold credit cards - lots of them. Sometimes sites will lump in card cases with credit card wallets. Card cases are designed to hold only cards and very little else. At eBags, you'll find credit card wallets from brands like Michael KorsTumiBoscaBuxton and more!

Checkbook Wallets


Sometimes called checkbook covers, checkbook wallets hold your checkbook, cash, and cards all in one. They are obviously longer than other wallets to hold standard checkbooks. Look for stylish checkbook wallets from brands like BuxtonLodisRoyce Leatherand Anuschka.

Money Clip Wallets


Money clip wallets are wallets that incorporate money clips; usually a shiny metal or brass clip located on the back of a wallet or sometimes is featured alone. These help to visibly carry that wad of cash and have room for your credit cards and ID. Brands that offer money clips wallets include Tumi, Lodis, and Derek Alexander. Browse the selection here!

Clutch Wallets


Stylish women's wallets that can be carried by themselves, instead of inside another bag, are often called clutch wallets. This bag is usually tied to the outfit you may be wearing that night or day and is meant to be make a statement! They are perfect if you tend not to carry or don't want to carry a purse or do not want to rub your embellished dress all night with a clunky bag or bag strap. Look for beautiful clutch wallets on eBags from brands like Lovcat, La Diva, and Cole Haan.

Front Pocket Wallet


Slimmer and sleeker than your average bi-fold or tri-fold wallet, front pocket wallets are designed to fit in your front pocket (not a huge surprise). Why would you choose a front pocket wallet? Because they are harder for pickpockets and thieves to steal. Front pocket wallets a great choice for international travel and backpacking! Look for leather front pocket wallets from Royce Leather and British fashion front pocket wallets from Ben Sherman.

Travel Wallets


Travel wallets can refer to anything from wallets designed to protect your money from thieves while out and about to wallets designed to hold travel documents like passports and airline tickets. However, all travel wallets do one thing - they keep you organized while traveling. For travel wallets that'll hold your travel documents, you should shop passport wallets and document holders. For wallets to carry with you while sightseeing, look for neck wallets that keep your valuables close to your body or security wallets that have features that make them less prone to theft.



Generally will hold your keys, important credit and debit cards, extra coins and cash as well as your id all around your wrist! These are perfect for quick runs to the grocery store, a night out at the bars where you don’t want to get your purse messy, and they fit perfectly in gym bags. Some wristlets even have a space in the front pocket for your phone or ipod!